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High Purity Oxide Ceramics

Alfa Aesar is pleased to offer this broad line of oxide ceramic shapes comprised of high purity alumina (Al2O3), zirconia (ZrO2), or magnesia (MgO). While ceramics are generally defined as inorganic, nonmetallic materials that are processed or consolidated at high temperatures, oxide ceramics is the designation given to materials manufactured of pure metal oxides without the admixtures of silicates during the ceramic process.

These high performance oxide ceramics display superior characteristics both at elevated temperature and at high frequencies, and are resistant to corrosive liquids and gases. Oxide ceramics are also inert to oxidation and are not subject to radiation damage.

Advanced oxide ceramics such as described in this catalog use raw materials which have gone through a succession of purification and processing steps before they can be pressed into their respective shapes. Alfa Aesar's line of ceramics includes tubes, multibore tubes, rods, beads, tubes for heating coils, insulating powders, crucibles, boats, combustion trays, etc.

Alfa Aesar's line of Friatec-Degussit® alumina ceramics have superior wear resistance and can exhibit excellent hardness properties (i.e. Al-23). They also provide superb insulation resistance at elevated temperatures. The compressive strength of alumina ceramics is 7-10 times that of its flexural strength which provides significant advantages when design or operating characteristics of end use applications involve compression. Because alumina provides excellent thermal conductivity, these ceramics perform extremely well as heat dissipating materials. Our line of zirconia and magnesia ceramics provide increased working temperature characteristics and offer useful alternatives to alumina.

Dimensions of shapes other than those described in this catalog are available on request. In addition, other ceramic materials can be made into many of the shapes described in this catalog. Please contact our Specialty Sales Department for items not listed.

The Advantages

The special features of the crucibles, boats, and combustion trays are as follows:

  • extreme purity
  • extreme resistance to corrosion
  • good thermal conductivity
  • stability in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
  • ultra high vacuum resistance
  • stability at high temperatures
  • a good resistance to thermal shock

Additional characteristics:

  • top safety in operation
  • reliability
  • long life time according to normal working procedures of the oxide ceramics.


The accuracy of the size of the sintered parts depends essentially on the material and the method of manufacture.

In general:

  • Diameter: ±5% (but not less than ±0.1mm)
  • Length: ±1%
  • Linearity: Typical deviation 0.5% of total length


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