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Semiconductor Grade

Semiconductor grade solvents are specifically made for the semiconductor manufacturing industries and electronic industries. These solvents contain extremely low levels of metals down to the levels of parts per billion or parts per trillion. Multiple purifications are required to achieve the required purity. These solvents are widely used as cleaners and etchants in semiconductor and microprocessor fabrications.

This solvent grade targets certain known impurities which are detrimental in making integrated circuits and micro-chips, reducing them orders by of magnitude. The metal ions, metallic salts and metallo-organic compounds if present in the solvent will affect the doping of semiconductors. Metal ions can cause short circuits that result in “bad” microchips.

Semiconductor grade solvents are also used to clean the surface of wafers and circuits. Common solvent groups used in producing microchips are alcohols, esters and ketones. High-purity semiconductor grade solvents help to minimize failures and improves the efficiency of microchip production.

  • 2-Propanol, Semiconductor Grade, 99.5% min
  • Acetone, Semiconductor Grade, 99.5%
  • Methanol, Semiconductor Grade, 99.9% min
  • n-Butyl acetate, Semiconductor Grade, 99% min
  • Toluene, Semiconductor Grade, 99% min
  • Trichloroethylene, Semiconductor Grade, 99+%
  • Xylenes, Semiconductor Grade


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